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Eligible Patients

Our patients come from all over Northern Virginia and touch upon almost every population. We have patients as young as a few months old to those that have seen their 100th year. Our patients represent more than 20 ethnicities and speak just as many different languages. What our patients have in common is that they do not have access to affordable life-saving medications to treat their chronic conditions.

If you believe you are eligible for our program and would benefit from NOVA ScriptsCentral it is up to your clinic’s eligibility screener to determine whether you qualify for our medications and services. 

During the application process you will be asked to provide proof eligibility. If you would like to speed up the process please come to your clinic’s screening meeting prepared with the following documents if you have them.

For Proof of Income

Last year’s 1040 or W2 OR one month of consecutive paystubs from within the past six months OR a letter from your employer OR a letter of support if you do not work.

For Proof of Insurance

If you have Medicare we need a copy of your card or letter of benefits to confirm you do not have part D. If you are applying for Medicaid we need a letter from within one month of your application with NOVA ScriptsCentral stating that you are still pending.

For Proof of Residency

Please bring a photo id with your VA residence on it or a letter received at your house with your name and address on it (such as utilities or a bank statement)

For Proof of Clinic Membership

We do not take any applications from patients directly, under any circumstances. Your application has to come from your clinic’s eligibility screener. You must be in good standing with your clinic, see your doctor on a regular schedule and follow your medication regimen.