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Our Board

Meet our Board Officers

Carol Forster, MD, Rph

Chair, Director of Pharmacy and Therapeutics/Medication Safety for Kaiser Permanente of the Mid-Atlantic States

“Having been a pharmacist before I was a physician, I have always been passionate about medication safety and know how important it is that patients take their medicines. NSC provides patients another level of safety, knowing that their prescriptions are being managed by highly competent trained pharmacists and staff and can be obtained at a very affordable cost.”

John S. Tucker, MBA

Treasurer, Business Banker at Capital One bank, N.A.

“When I first met with the good people at NOVA Scripts Central, I was definitely not looking for another board to join. Working with nonprofits is what I do on a daily basis – so I have seen many different missions, models, etc. – but something about NOVA Script’s unique focus stuck with me long after that first meeting concluded. The question had never occurred to me before: how do families without access to insurance afford the medication they need? As a youth who needed prescription medication to manage a chronic condition (asthma), I wondered aloud to my wife that evening how I would have made it through childhood without access to the inhaler I needed. When I was ultimately approached to serve on the board a few weeks later, it was an easy decision.”

Samuel Stolpe, PharmD

Secretary, Assistant Director of Quality Initiatives for the Pharmacy Quality Alliance

“The impact of NOVA Scripts Central has been tremendous. We serve as a bridge within our community to provide important medication services to a population in need.  The mission and vision of NOVA Scripts is singularly focused on providing not just medications, but a high-quality medication management and educational experience to the patients we serve.  The focus on quality is what drew me to NOVA Scripts.  This organization is ensuring that the people who stand at the greatest need for quality medication services receive not just their medications, but the support of a highly skilled, creative and professional team that provides an amazing experience for our patients, top to bottom.”

Meet our Trustees

Patrice H. Feinstein, MBA

Owner of Financial Empowerment for Women

“I came to NSC’s board because of the opportunities it presents me to work again on issues relating to the financing and delivery of health care services. “

Sallie Eissler, CNP

Director of Community Outreach Operations for Kaiser Permanente of the Mid-Atlantic

“NOVA ScriptsCentral is that organization that makes all the difference to patients and positive outcomes. The process is based in innovation all the way.”

Mindy Rubin

Director of Community Benefit, Safety Net Partnerships

“I was attracted to serve on the NoVA Scripts Central Board because I am well aware of their dedication and commitment to the community in Northern Virginia,   I personally have worked with NoVA Scripts Central since its beginning and have had the pleasure to watch it grow.   NSC is a value added entity to the community and it will be my pleasure to serve on the board.”

Patricia Greenfield, RN, PhD

Retired, Former director of INOVA HealthSource

“When I first heard about NOVA ScriptsCentral years ago, I was immediately impressed by the importance of its mission for the uninsured people of Northern Virginia. Without easy access to medication, the great work of the SafetyNet clinics is significantly mitigated. With the NOVA Scripts Central-SafetyNet partnership, care management for chronic conditions offers patients the best opportunities for high level wellness.

NOVA ScriptsCentral is the right vehicle for the difficult provision of efficient, high quality accessible medication and personalized education. I am honored to actively serve on the Board of Directors to advance this vital mission.”