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NOVA ScriptsCentral Licenses Meducation® to Provide Universal Medication Schedule Instructions on Pill Bottles

Morrisville, NC (January 9, 2015) NOVA ScriptsCentral has licensed Polyglot Systems’ Meducation® software to help their patients better understand how to take their medications.

“NOVA ScriptsCentral provides life-saving medications and quality pharmaceutical care for the uninsured in Northern Virginia — a population with widely varying levels of health literacy,” said Donney John, NOVA ScriptsCentral Interim Executive Director. “Meducation overcomes this challenge, by integrating with our pharmacy software to provide simplified medication instructions and intuitive bottle labeling.”

Meducation creates these instructions, in any of 19 languages, with larger type sizes, pictograms and access to supplemental videos, to make it easier for patients to understand how to take their medications. Meducation is accessed from within NOVA ScriptsCentral’s Cerner pharmacy system, so there is no interruption to pharmacist workflow.

The patient’s specific dose and schedule are now shown on the NOVA ScriptsCentral prescription label using the “Universal Medication Schedule” (UMS). The UMS, which has been described by both the National Council of Prescription Drug Programs and the Institute of Medicine, is being widely adopted across the country as a best practice. It clearly conveys both the amount and time of each dose. Meducation further enhances the UMS by providing intuitive pictograms of the time of day and amount of medicine to be taken.

Polyglot seeks to deliver the same results to hospitals and pharmacies across the US to help them take critical steps towards improving the overall quality of patient care. “To improve medication adherence, we must provide medication instructions that all patients can understand.” said Polyglot CEO Sims Preston. “Since more than 90 million Americans have low health literacy or limited English proficiency, this means offering instructions in multiple languages and simplified, easy-to-understand formats.” Improving patient understanding and medication adherence leads to improved overall patient health outcomes, reduced healthcare costs and increased patient satisfaction.

About Polyglot Systems
Polyglot Systems’ award-winning Meducation software was developed under a grant from the National Institutes of Health to address the communication barriers between healthcare providers and their patients. Meducation is designed as a cloud based software application. This allows for easy integration with electronic medical records or pharmacy management systems and quick deployment by virtually any healthcare provider. Polyglot’s products have been licensed to hospitals, health systems, clinics, and pharmacies.
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