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Our pharmacy is more than just medications

Medication Filling

We fill most of our medications with a 90 day supply for $5. This greatly increases patients’ adherence to their medication regimen as they do not have to travel monthly to the clinic to pick up their medications. Furthermore, they are invested in using the medication correctly when they pay a small administrative fee.

Medication Therapy Management (MTM)

Dispensing drugs is not all that we do; we also provide MTM to improve patient’s health outcomes. Our patients deserve quality healthcare that focuses on having their chronic conditions well controlled but also provides them the opportunity to reduce or eliminate risk factors for those conditions. Through education, life-style modifications, and other MTM aspects we actively seek to improve the health outcomes of our patients.


NOVA ScriptsCentral is committed to our patients overall health and well-being. We actively participates in research programs that address patient accessibility and health outcomes. We strive to bring our patients the best medication therapy that is accessible with or without our help.

Medication Filling

Our formulary consists of around 200 evidence based medications including brand names donated either through individual Patient Assistant Programs (PAPs) or bulk PAPs, as well as generics we purchase ourselves. We use evidence based therapy to optimize our patients’ medication regimens, reduce cost, and limit unknown risks sometimes associated with newly approved medications. We use the Meducation® software developed by Polyglot Systems, Inc. to provide medication labels with pictograms in 19 different languages to identify when and how much to take each medication.


We have implemented MTM services with our patients that are based on a patient centered approach, which include assessing the patient’s condition, medications, and lifestyle to offer suggestions for changes that will result in reducing the risk or severity of many chronic conditions, not just treating the symptoms. This is paramount in the optimization of care for those patients that have multiple medications treating various chronic conditions.


Beginning in 2013 NOVA ScriptsCentral in partnership with Kaiser Permanente and two of our partner clinics are working together to deliver affordable and high quality services to improve the health of the communities we serve in Northern Virginia. The ALL/PHASE initiative is a perfect example of how we invest in quality enhancement, population health, and provide supportive efforts which will transform and improve healthcare access to our most vulnerable populations.

The ALL in ALL/PHASE is a drug regimen of Aspirin, Lisinopril, and a lipid-lowering medication in the statin family. PHASE stands for the program’s goal of Preventing Heart Attacks and Strokes Everyday. The research from when Kaiser Permanente started ALL/PHASE in 2003 to now, across all variations of the program has reduced heart attacks and strokes in the at-risk population by more than 60%. We are seeing preliminary results that also reflect a decrease in these events for our population that is within this program. This means that fewer of our patients are being hospitalized with heart attacks and strokes and even fewer of those are dying from these events. This is the healthcare that we want to keep offering.

Previously we had participated in a medication labeling study, looking at the increase of medication adherence in low literacy populations. We partnered with Harvard, Northwestern, Emory and LSU and this the reason we use Polyglot’s Meducation (UMS) labels today.

Partner Testimonials

NOVA ScriptsCentral has been an absolute God send to those of us out in the community helping people who have no health insurance. Getting medications for this population has always been a
challenge. Prior to having NOVA Scripts available to us, medication options for Family Area Mobile Health Vans were very, very limited. If a patient did not respond to one medication there was a
good chance they would not be able to afford a different one. I am most grateful for them and all they do. I could not imagine going back to the old ways.

Cathy Gallagher, FNP


Neighborhood Health has been a partner of NOVA Scripts Central, Inc. since 2008. During our partnership our patients have benefited greatly by receiving drugs that they would otherwise not be
able to afford or obtain either from a four dollar generic program or are not carried in our 340B pharmacy. NOVA ScriptsCentral is a valuable resource to the community and we expect to
continue our close partnership for many years to come.

Basim Khan, MD, MPA

Executive Director

Through a partnership with NOVA Scripts Central, the Prince William Area Free Clinic (PWAFC) patients can obtain life-sustaining medications. The PWAFC and NOVA
ScriptsCentral recognize access to medications can drastically affect patient’s quality of life. By working together, the PWAFC and NOVA ScriptsCentral have eliminated barriers
in access to care for indigent uninsured residents of Prince William County. Patients having access to medication is integral to their health, well-being, and quality of life.

Linda Franklin

Executive Director

In addition to dispensing prescription medicine to safety net clinics for the low income uninsured, NoVA Scripts Central also provides pharmaceutical health education to safety net patients and clinical staff. The NSC staff work with the clinics to explain the importance of health literacy for their patients and work closely with the patients to ensure they are adhering to their prescribed drug regime and that they understand what factors can exacerbate their conditions and the lifestyle changes they can make to improve their circumstances. Kaiser Permanente is pleased for the strong history we have with NSC as they are a valued community partner.

Mindy R. Rubin

Director, Safety Net Partnerships

Our Clinic Partners