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Meet our Team

Meet our Administration Team

Donney John, PharmD

Executive Director

“I find it rewarding to work at NSC because I have the opportunity to work with such talented and dedicated individuals who are passionate about making the world we live in better. What we do here is giving our community new chances each and every day”

Olujimi Aganga-Williams, MD, MS

Medical Research Coordinator

“I joined NSC to be part of a team that contributes to the healthcare of the under-served communities in Northern Virginia; we directly improve the healthcare of many patients with chronic illnesses who otherwise have no access to necessary medications even if they had access to a physician.”

Gina Gomez, CPhT

PAP Coordinator

“I find it rewarding to work for NSC because we all focus on the same goal of serving our community.  Knowing we help just one patient creates a feeling of satisfaction like no other. Last year we helped over 2,700 patients and that is a great feeling.”

Meet our Pharmacy Team

Huyen Nguyen, PharmD

Pharmacy Director

“The key difference in impact to the community is that at NSC, we not only dispense life saving medications but also medical knowledge that empowers patient to lead healthier lives. Also, what makes my days at NSC even more enjoyable is working with a team of passionate, missions driven, fun and great individuals.”

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Alice Chen Mascialino, PharmD

PRN Pharmacist

“I cherish the opportunity to enhance therapeutic benefits of medication within a diverse patient population. At NSC, I am able to bridge our patient’s comprehension of their medication and self-care with measurable improvements seen in their health.”

James Citron, Rph

PRN Pharmacist

“The enjoyment I get from working with this staff is only exceeded by knowing how much our assistance means to our patients.”

Prisila Otazo, CPhT

Pharmacy Technician

“Working at NSC has awarded me the opportunity to practice in my field of study and make a difference in our patients’ lives.  It is rewarding to know that each day my work is helping somebody, especially the under-served population of Northern Virginia.”

Jessica Lantz, CPhT

Pharmacy Technician

“Working at NSC gives me the sense that I am making a difference in people’s lives.  Here, I feel like we’re our own little family and I can bring my experience to the team.”

Joice Asato

Health Education Outreach coordinator

Joining NSC has really helped me feel a part of the community of Northern Virginia. It is very rewarding to see the people that I’ve touched, and I enjoy teaching people about preventative health.